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For your home, concrete services go beyond merely installing a brand-new driveway, pathway, or patio in the backyard. You may provide several areas inside and outside your house with a fantastic concrete surface.

Yes, we are highly skilled in various residential concrete applications that go above and beyond the standard. Our crew is very flexible, and we can design specific solutions for your home or place of business.

We’re willing to consider recommendations, and our professionals could even help you decide and design what will look best given the location and surroundings of your property.

Look at the installation options below that we’ve accomplished for other houses in the neighbourhood if you want to give the outside or interior of your home a facelift.

​Residential Services

Concrete Countertops

The popular contemporary design features a striking concrete surface contrasting your newly restored kitchen cabinetry. Additionally, various etched patterns and techniques can be used to personalize concrete countertops. Compared to more traditional solutions like slabs, concrete is far less expensive and less prone to chip or shatter.

Concrete Wall Treatment

Another popular alternative for many modern homes and external enclosures is concrete walls. When a cement wall is embellished with engravings or concrete paint, it can give the inside of your house more weight and character.

Concrete Fireplace

One of the most common fireplace installations in homes, cement fireplaces are a beautiful addition to your living room or patio. A concrete finish is a dependable and flexible alternative for your house fireplace, regardless of whether you want to improve the texture of your mantle or fix your chimney.

Concrete Furniture

Concrete furniture can be a terrific addition to your property inside and outside. Thanks to the growing use of concrete moulds and decorative designs, furniture like concrete benches, coffee tables, and other structural pieces are a fantastic way to add texture and unique aesthetic style to your home.

concrete fireplace Sugar Land, TX

Custom Residential Concrete

One of the concrete types that are most frequently utilized has holes and other patterns. In addition to providing gazebos or outdoor areas with natural light and air, this option can be used for an indoor wall or exhibit.

Decorative concrete is another imaginative choice that might significantly improve the aesthetic value of your front porch or backyard patio. It can be used to add different designs to flooring or furnishings, and this is a fantastic alternative for walks, patio, and poolside furniture.

However, you should know that concrete sealants are required to save your ornamental concrete. The most popular forms of protection are stamping, dyeing, acid-staining, water-based staining, coating, polishing, and embossing.

Residential Outdoor Spaces where cement finish can be applied

Sugar Land Concrete Co. Residential Service offers polish and buffing services for concrete. If you want to increase your home’s curb appeal, get in touch with us right now. According to various experts, concrete is an excellent material for outdoor applications, particularly on roads or patios. If you add some lovely pebbles or stones, your home will glow even more.


stamped concrete floor Sugar Land, TX

Confirm that you have been not breaking the law by checking with your city before installing them. Residential concrete patios are made of poured cement, while residential concrete driveways and walks are frequently laid over gravel or crushed rock.

They can be laid out in formal or informal patterns with tiled, brick, or stone edging.


concrete driveway Sugar Land, TX

Installing residential concrete services may help keep youngsters safe if your home is close to a school bus stop or if they frequently play on nearby streets with fast-moving traffic by absorbing impacts from automobile tires and lowering road noise. If there are any slopes in your driveway, consider whether they could cause drainage issues if they weren’t properly paved; more paving could eventually help fix any erosion issues.

Pool Areas

concrete pool area Sugar Land, TX

Pools and other outdoor concrete constructions are especially vulnerable to cold temperatures and other environmental variables, so hiring a top-notch contractor is crucial if you want your pool area to last. To ensure your concrete doesn’t develop cracks or other problems over time, it’s better to use a seasoned company with extensive experience working on outdoor pools.

Garage Floors

concrete garage Sugar Land, TX

The best type of concrete for garage floors is plain concrete, and it is inexpensive, easy to use, and risk-free. Furthermore, repairing or painting garage floors is a relatively straightforward process. A variety of colours are offered to suit your preferences. To avoid harming your flooring, allow them plenty of time to dry in between coats if you’re considering doing this.

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The most excellent concrete contractor company is Sugar Land Concrete Co. shops, and we place a high value on customer satisfaction. Call us right away!

Why choose Sugar Land Concrete Co.
for your residential needs?

How can you determine if choosing Sugar Land Concrete Co. for your forthcoming concrete project at home is the right decision? Here is a list of them. Our concrete contractor company has years of experience and can finish any size job you have in mind, from patios to complete pool renovations. We are reasonably priced and can work within your budget, no matter how small! For the following reasons, hire Round Sugar Land Concrete Co. as your residential concrete contractor.

We are an experienced contractor

Unlike these other ceramic contracting firms, we have distinguished ourselves because of our extensive industry knowledge. Nowhere else can you discover a more acceptable level of excellence or dedication than what we provide to our clients.

Projects are completed on time


They realize how unpleasant it may be to hire a contractor to discover that the project will take longer than expected. We pride ourselves on frequently completing tasks on time, and our reputation at Sugar Land Concrete Co. speaks for itself.


The job-site is clean and organized
Your job site needs to be neat and organized if you want referrals and repeat business. You must gain your clients’ trust to receive repeat business. We are aware of how important having a lovely home or workplace is. Because of this, each day before we go, we clean up after ourselves and make sure everything is in working order.
We listen to our customers
Whether you need someone to build your dream home or need some work done, we can assist you with your concrete contracting needs. No matter what your particular preferences are, we will pay attention to them and accommodate them because our residential concrete services were developed with the needs of our consumers in mind.
We follow all local codes, laws, and regulations
One of our most important duties as a residential concrete contractors is to strictly abide by all local codes, laws, and regulations. We adhere to city ordinances regarding every aspect of your project, and you will always receive a high-quality product thanks to this. If you require a concrete contractor in the Sugar Land, Texas region, we will try to satisfy and exceed your needs.
We stand behind everything we do
That is stated in both our name and our promise. We are committed to working with qualified professionals who care as much as you do about your concrete project and utilizing only top-quality materials. We want your experience hiring us as your home concrete contractor in Sugar Land, Texas, to be positive from start to finish.
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